I like art, music, animu, cats, vidja gaems, and cheesecake. I also like looking at pretty pictures.

I also draw a lot, though I always get distracted by the internet and a million other things. And procrastination.


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Soooo…I’m an uninteresting person, really. I’m a tiny(see, even my shirt says so) Asian girl who likes to doodle stuff. My age doesn’t really matter because people always think I’m 12. Or in highschool. Speaking of school, I studied B.S. Architortu—I mean Architecture, but I haven’t taken any board exams yet, so no, I can’t design your dreamhouse. As of now I’m happy freelancing and managing a 3 unit apartment.

I enjoy listening to video game and animu music, though my musical taste varies. I love horror movies and anything scary. I also like the fantasy genre.

I can like random things sometimes, or just find stuff that suddenly interests me, so if I follow you back, it means I find your blog relevant to my interests. So…sorry in advance if I don’t follow back. 

It wasn’t too long ago that I joined tumblr, though I’m getting the hang of reblogs and liking stuff. I still need to get the hang of replying to posts, though.

If by some unknown force you find me interesting and would want to chat, don’t hesitate to ask. I must warn you though, I’m shy and have a tendency to get boring.