I like art, music, animu, cats, vidja gaems, and cheesecake. I also like looking at pretty pictures.

I also draw a lot, though I always get distracted by the internet and a million other things. And procrastination.


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So at some point, I picked up the hobby of painting gundam. My first model was a EW 1/144 Deathscythe Hell custom. After building it, it went along with me in my past jobs (I had my own cube and I brought some stuff to decorate it). Once I started freelancing, the model was stuck in my comp table, then in my shelf, and stayed there when one fateful day this conversation happened:

Bf: You have acrylics?

Moi: Yeah, why?

Bf: I used to paint my gundam. It’s fun. LET’S GO PAINT DEATHSCYTHE~!

Moi: Lol k.

And so began my conquest of painting gundam. After that, the bf bought Sandrock, Serpent, Heavy Arms and Nataku.

…Yes, Deathscythe and Sandrock lost their v-fins. ._. 

My first real paintjob was Sandrock (which I will be redoing because fuckdamn it sucks balls), then the Serpent but was interrupted by the bf’s cousin who is an avid collector, and has asked me (well, actually sort of commissioned) to paint his MG Seven Sword. So yeah. 

I’m currently working on Hi-v right now.

I’ll be posting my crappy WIPs soon. 

RX-93 v2 HI-v Gundam