I like art, music, animu, cats, vidja gaems, and cheesecake. I also like looking at pretty pictures.

I also draw a lot, though I always get distracted by the internet and a million other things. And procrastination.


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I had two cups of coffee and now I can’t sleep.

Have a Kusuriuri sketch and a cat.

I’m supposed to be drawing something but I got distracted by youtube for 2 days and then now by tumblr and itunes and GAH.

I also want to play Fatal Frame 3 (after watching a let’splay/walkthrough I just want to continue playing it because I got turned off on my first playthrough because MASSIVE manor) but then I still have to play Dirge of Cerberus (goddamn do I suck at aiming and shooting shit) but I SHOULD BE DRAWING AAAA.

So, for some reason I googled Annie from Space Sheriff Shaider and ended up with the wiki and blah blah and saw the villain part of the article and just asdfasdfgdfg

Priest Poe (神官ポー Shinkan Pō?): Kubilai’s 15,000 year old transvestite grandson who serves as advisor and strategist, wearing elegant white robes with a horned, immense oval shaped headdress and the “Sky Cutter” scepter through which he shoots blue beams from its core. As a high priest with telekinetic abilities, Poe presides over the Fushigi Beast birth and Fushigi Dimension Generation ceremonies. - wiki article

…for over a decade I thought this was a chick with just a really deep voice. 

I’m also watching an episode and I am laughing like a dork. No wonder the dub I watched had the voice actress do a really really deep voice.



I never thought Blogspot would become appealing again.

Also, have I mentioned how much I love Vinland Saga? Yeah, I just love it.

Goddammit Bleach, just end already. 

I really like Hashirama. 

I love jasmine tea. With honey. 

tomorrow I am going to eat potatoes. Lots of potatoes. I will boil them, make a cheese and garlic sauce, and eat them.

oh i’ll also have bacon. and eggs.

and then pasta.

I find it really really hard not to rest my chin on my hand. It’s like my hand has been programmed to place itself under it.

It’s been ages since I last used any paper and pencil. Mrs. Paper is not amused, I think.


 You know when you try to ink a straight line and then your hand decides to go “WHEE SUDDEN JERK WHERE’S YOUR STRAIGHT LINE NOW BITCH” and then there’s no undo button because it’s real life and it’s difficult to erase an inked line and I just want to flip my table right now oh god why.


Also this image is forever etched in my mind when I see “Genki Sudo”.