I like art, music, animu, cats, vidja gaems, and cheesecake. I also like looking at pretty pictures.

I also draw a lot, though I always get distracted by the internet and a million other things. And procrastination.


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My cat doesn’t want me to draw anymore. Such a lovely cat she is.

I may or may not ink this in the future.

Eh I probably will anyway. Someday. Soon-ish. Maybe.


So I was looking at my “portfolio” binder and I saw this. I remember doing this back in’ 05 while reading Half Blood Prince. Around that time, I was still new to photoshop and I didn’t have a tablet yet so I’m still used to draw+ink+scan things. That and because around that time we were taught the many wonders of cross-hatching and dot shading and also LOL I HAVE PENS MOTHERFUCKER AND I LIKE TO USE IT. So yeah. This happened.


Now this I remember doing as an entry for someone’s contest with Edgar Allan Poe poems. I honestly forgot if I won or not but yeah, I loved inking back then.