I like art, music, animu, cats, vidja gaems, and cheesecake. I also like looking at pretty pictures.

I also draw a lot, though I always get distracted by the internet and a million other things. And procrastination.


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oh hey another eye

Oh hey eyes.


really crappy phone wip pic ahoy

I swear faces just keeps on appearing in this journal.

I wanted to make some Dr. Who fanart. Hell, I was planning on building a miniature TARDIS but lol, lazy. I still have lots of detailing to do, esp on that supposed to be blind invisible murderous space chicken thing.

Took a break from coloring and sketched something. I may or may not ink this.

lol I haven’t scanned stuff for a while. I also realized I sketch way too light.

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So earlier I was drinking coffee and I’m like “THERE IS AN IDEA IN MY HEAD. I MUST DRAW IT.”

Well actually, I’ve had this since last year, but I wasn’t able to do it back then.

So yeah. Doing it now.


lol lines lines sketch sketch

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